How much does a personal trainer cost you in Bangkok?

How much does a personal trainer cost in Bangkok?

Before I answer how much a personal trainer will cost you in Bangkok, let’s briefly discuss the factors that affect the price or cost of a service. Generally speaking, there are two major things behind any price. The first thing is: how much does a service cost after it is completely delivered to a customer or client? Hopefully, the price reflects the quality of the products and services. The second thing is how much money a business owner wants to make out of a service, which we call its benefits. 

Well, everyone has to earn a living, which is totally legitimate; however, most want to make money to become richer and richer, which for me, if I may say so, is totally unnecessary and unacceptable as a human. Keeping in mind those two things suggests to us that the cost or price of a personal trainer that is too high doesn’t mean it is always the best option. And also, vice versa, if a coaching fee is lower than another, that doesn’t necessarily mean it has less value. 

Most people today are trying to achieve some sort of status, such as being the richest person, becoming a professor, becoming a leader, etc. They do so by trying to become richer and richer, learning more, getting more attention and publicity, and so on. And they achieve such things through so-called hard work and effort. Anything done with effort and hard work, even with high skill, is not a fruitful action or job, especially in today’s world where everything is upside down, unfortunately. Goodness in any profession can only be achieved when skill is combined with passion. Anyone who lacks passion and is only concerned with self-interest won’t bring goodness to anyone.

So if there is passion and love in doing something with high skill, the price or the quality of any product or service that whoever offers will be appropriate, and the product or service itself will be of goodness. Passion is different from looking to receive something or become someone. Passion exists only when the process of completing any task is pain-free and you truly enjoy what you do. There is only passion If you are free from trying to become someone or achieve something, if there is becoming,” there is always both fear and pleasure. Passion and love cannot be born out of fear, hard work, or fear.

I hope you are not mad at me at this point because I have not said anything yet about the cost of a personal trainer in Bangkok. Anyway, let’s get to business now.

The cost of a personal trainer in Bangkok

The cost of a personal trainer in Bangkok can vary depending on a few factors, such as the trainer’s expertise, the location of the gym or fitness studio, and the length and frequency of the training sessions.  A personal trainer in Bangkok costs between 800 and 3,000 baht per session, which is about $23 to $90 USD. If you buy a package of multiple sessions, you can get a discount. It’s worth noting that some personal trainers in Bangkok may charge more than the average rate, depending on their experience and reputation.

Most gyms and fitness studios (places where you can’t exercise on your own and should either join a class or buy a personal training package) offer different packages at different prices. Sometimes they are confusing. They do some marketing tricks to sell more sessions, at least most of them. Additionally, some centres have different policies, so make sure to read them before signing up. Typically, these policies are one-sided and favour the gym or centre. These kinds of policies and marketing tricks are propaganda at Bring You Health.

800-1100 THB (23-33 USD) per session

Most gyms, like Fitness First, Virgin Active, and Jetts Fitness, charge between 800 and 1100 Thai Baht for a personal training session. Depending on the trainer’s qualifications and experience, these gyms may charge a different fee.

Some freelance personal trainers who train clients at their homes or in commercial gyms also charge their clients in that range.

1500–2,500 THB (44–75 USD) per session

Most small fitness studios and some freelance trainers charge in that range. They claim they are equipped with high-quality equipment and held to high standards in science and theory-based methods and approaches. 

Between 2,500 and 3,000 THB (75–90 USD) or more per coaching session

Some freelance personal trainers who may work with so-called high profile individuals and so-called sports-specific coaches and instructors charge in this range. 

The bottom line

We have been living based on many illusions and a lack of understanding of how the human body functions. That’s why there are many systems and approaches that reject each other and claim to be the best ones. There is no such thing as a complete system at all. However, there are some comprehensive approaches to dealing with things as a whole rather than piece by piece. The human body works as a whole, not piece by piece, so it should be approached as a whole. Trainers and other health practitioners who have such an understanding can offer you better health coaching, hopefully with passion. 

Find those who know what health is in general and is not caught in one system. Those who just focus on physical fitness and exercise, for example, but not other things that affect one’s health, I think, don’t value their time and money in the long run. When it comes to judging and improving health, we worship professionalism, which is silly in most cases. Our body doesn’t function that way, as I mentioned above.

For this reason, look for someone who knows primarily about pain, better movement, exercise physiology, the human body’s mechanisms and how it functions optimally, and better nutrition in a practical way. And this is also one of the reasons that offering a health coaching programme that includes training is more valuable than personal training that only focuses on exercise. 

Personal Trainer Price in Bangkok

How much does a personal trainer cost at Bring You Health?

At Bring You Health, we work with passion and skill, which are vitally important in anything we do. Our coaching programme costs 1,250 THB per client, 1,500 THB for groups of two, and 1,750 THB for groups of three. We only offer one price and one package of 12 sessions. We serve our clients wherever they are interested, if we are allowed to work with them there.

We offer our services with a free consultation session, a full refund of any unused balance within three working days under any circumstance, only one type of coaching package of 12 sessions, free rescheduling of sessions, and no expiration date, to name a few. We are free humans and coaches, so we never bind a client to any policy or ask him or her to follow some ridiculous policy. They can work with us as long as they are happy; if they are not, which has never happened yet, they can stop us without any compensation.

We don’t believe in competition when it comes to doing good. It’s about your health and fitness. So hire someone who truly values your health, time, and money based on an accurate and precise understanding of you and your body, whether he or she is from Bring You Health or any other centre.

The core of the health coaching programmes at Bring You Health (home, condo, gym, and online)

Today, humans have many problems, both physically and emotionally. And to deal with these problems, or, in other words, suffering, different health practises and professions have been established, which are not necessary to the extent that they exist today. To live a pain free life, one has to take care of so many things, from exercising, eating well, and follow-up check ups to self-improvement methods, following a system, and religions.

A few are important to humans, but not the majority. However, we are still struggling to live happily from moment to moment, even though we have so many things. We still live in pain, enmity, jealousy, feeling guilty, laziness, competition, hardships, momentary pleasure, and killing each other. Everyone is confused, and out of this confusion, they create perpetually more problems and confusions by introducing new disciplines and systems, in particular in psychological matters.

Observing and keeping in mind these struggles, not as an idea or thought, we have designed our coaching programmes to improve one’s physical fitness and eradicate one’s emotional problems. While knowledge of any kind is limited, there are also limitations in our coaching programmes. Except for the meditation and self-knowing aspects of our coaching programmes, which are not based on knowledge, the rest are based on science, experience, and observation, which can be limited at some points. So we always make changes when needed to offer comprehensive health coaching programmes.

We offer health and fitness coaching in person in Bangkok as well as online coaching in person all over the world. Each health coaching package includes exercise, nutrition, physical rehab and movement, meditation, and self-knowing. All four are utterly vital to one’s health, both physically and emotionally. You can learn more about each by clicking on it.

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