The Muscle Factory Gym in Bangkok

There are a lot of gyms in Bangkok, but only a few of them have weight training equipment that is good enough. The Muscle Factory is one of those gyms where you can find more types of machines, free weights, and other exercise facilities than many other gyms in Bangkok. The gym could be a good place for people who enjoy any kind of weight training, such as bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, etc.

The Muscle Factory Gym in Bangkok

Where is the gym located, and what is their opening time?

As of updating this post on April 2, 2023, the muscle factory has two branches, one in Bangkok and the other in Pattaya. Their branch in Bangkok is located on Sukhumvit 56 Yak 3-1. Based on their Facebook page, they are open from 6:30 a.m. until 11 p.m. on weekdays and from 6:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. on weekends. You can go to the gym by BTS Skytrain, taxi, or Grab. I would suggest Grab or BTS Skytrain because, most of the time, a taxi takes longer due to traffic on the way.

I’ve never been to their branch in Pattaya, and the pictures you see in this blog post are taken from their gym in Bangkok.

The Muscle Factory Gym in Bangkok

Who should join the Muscle Factory gym in Bangkok?

The gym attracts anyone who is interested in muscle building and Olympic lifting. Additionally, powerlifters may also find it a better place to exercise, but advanced powerlifters may not.

There are a lot of different machines for intermediate and advanced bodybuilders who want to do more than just the basic moves. And it’s less likely to find those training facilities in other gyms of the city. Olympic lifters can have access to many squat racks and areas for their lifts. However, the flooring may not be in very good condition for serious lifters.

The Muscle Factory Gym in Bangkok

Who should not join the Muscle Factory gym in Bangkok?

Many international gym chains, like Fitness First, Virgin Active, Anytime Fitness, and Jetts Fitness, have locations in Bangkok. Besides providing a limited weight area and facilities, these chains also offer some classes, such as yoga, body combat (a kind of Thai boxing), dancing, and stepping. But you can’t find such classes at the Muscle Factory Gym in Bangkok. 

Also, those gyms provide some other facilities, such as saunas, water, tea, coffee, attire, towels, and swimming pools, in most cases for free, whereas you can’t see such facilities in the Muscle Factory gym. Meanwhile, there is no air conditioner in the gym, but there are some huge ceiling fans. So, if you don’t like working out in hot places or if you prefer to take classes, the Muscle Factory gym might not be the best place for you. Also, the location is not near the main road, Sukhumvit Road. It takes some time to reach by foot. So, if you use BTS, keep that in mind as well.

The Muscle Factory Gym in Bangkok

What sort of training can I do there?

As I said above, the Muscle Factory gym in Bangkok is a great place for Olympic lifters and bodybuilders. There are dozens of different machines to train alongside, such as barbells, benches, squat racks, dumbbells, and so forth. You can find such equipment very rarely in other gyms. For example, most gyms, except Anytime Fitness in Chong Nonsi, don’t have the right barbell sizes for men and women. They all have the same kind of barbell size. 

The Muscle Factory Gym in Bangkok

You can also do some Thai boxing and western boxing at the gym. There is a standard boxing ring with four heavy bags and some gloves. Their heavy bags and gloves are not in perfect condition. Though they may be fine if you are a recreational boxer or kickboxer, they are not for an advanced or even intermediate athlete.

If you love cycling or running on a treadmill, the gym also provides those machines on the second floor of the building.

Last but not least, for powerlifters, the Muscle Factory gym in Bangkok may also be a serviceable place to train. Because they have some sort of powerlifting equipment and tools as well.

What sort of exercise equipment can you find there?

The gym has too much equipment, which most people may find very useful (for me, however, a squat rack and a bench are quite enough to train my clients and myself very effectively). The gym has many sets of dumbbells, ranging from 1kg up to 60kg. Of course, a 60-kg dumbbell is still light for some. 

The Muscle Factory Gym in Bangkok

There are many machines, most for isolated movements, that you can only find in some countries, like the USA. There are almost six squat racks and several areas for Olympic lifting. Both plastic and metal plates are available there, from 1 kg to 25 kg. For some athletes, in particular female athletes, a plate weighing less than 1 kg is also necessary, but, unfortunately, you can’t find one there. 

Luckily, as previously mentioned, at the Muscle Factory, you can find two types of standard barbells: one for males and one for females (with a small diameter). There is a standard boxing ring, four short and long heavy bags, some gloves, and some boxing and sports mats around the ring. There are also some box jumps made from wood, heavy stones, tyres, kettlebells, medicine balls, and exercise balls. Meanwhile, on the second floor of the gym, you can find some cardio machines too.

The Muscle Factory Gym in Bangkok

Cooked foods, energy drinks, and protein drinks

The Muscle Factory gym in Bangkok provides cooked foods that are mostly from animal sources. They also provide energy bars and drinks, coffee, smoothies, protein shakes, drinking water, and exercise clothes under their brand name. Of course, they are not free, and you have to buy them.

The Muscle Factory Gym in Bangkok

Shower rooms, locker rooms, and sports attire

The Muscle Factory gym in Bangkok has some shower rooms but doesn’t provide sports attire or a towel. Of course, they sell some sports gear if you want them to. While checking in, they provide their customers with a locker. In peak times, mostly in the evenings and probably in the mornings as well, you have to wait for a shower room and a locker due to a lack of availability. There are only three shower rooms on the second floor for men. I don’t know how many rooms they have for women. 

There is also a sitting area on the first floor. 

Free parking spaces at the Muscle Factory gym in Bangkok

There are free parking areas belonging to the Muscle Factory. One in the front of the gym and one on the left side of the gym. The left one is a large space dedicated only to parking. You barely find free packing spaces in Bangkok.

How much are the gym’s membership fees?

Memberships at Muscle Factory are reasonably priced. These are the fees as of July 2022.

Yearly19,900 Thai Baht
6 Months10,900 Thai Baht
3 Months5,890 Thai Baht
1 Month1,900 Thai Baht
1 Week999 Thai Baht
Daily400 Thai Baht
Membership cost at Muscle Factory as of July 2022

Personal training service

The Muscle Factory Gym in Bangkok

They recently announced on their Facebook page that they offer personal training now. In the past, they didn’t have such a service. Instead, they will give you contact information through which you can get in touch with a personal trainer by phone. It implies that a self-employed strength coach or personal trainer can work with his or her clients there without clashing with the gym policy. I used to work with one of my clients there. And I didn’t face any problems there. We were really enjoying our training.

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