Makro: a Cheap, Healthy Food Supermarket in Bangkok

Makro in Bangkok – a Cheap, Healthy Food Supermarket

Our clients across Bangkok increase adopting healthy lifestyles and changing their eating habits when we start their coaching programs. We encourage them to consume balanced and varied nutrition to avoid diseases and enhance their physical and emotional health. Regarding raw food shopping, we let them know about some of the cheap, healthy food supermarkets. While everything in these supermarkets is not healthy, you can still buy some healthy ones. One of these markets is Makro in Bangkok. 

Since 1988, Makro in Bangkok has continuously been expanded into branches to provide a wide range of products. They are kind of wholesale suppliers and as well as a retailer of many foods and some other products. Makro in Bangkok offers a wide variety of products, nearly from a to z. 

Makro in Bangkok – a cheap, healthy, raw food supermarket

The supermarket offers food items cheaper than any other supermarkets. Not only this but you can also find a wide verity of a single product. For instance, you can find there different types of oat, apples, nuts and so on. 

Unlike other supermarkets, there are available more than ten types of meat, fruits, and dozens of vegetables. Moreover, different types of nuts, seeds, frozen fruits, seafood, dairy products, grains, ingredients, oils, bread, and so on. You can have a fantastic experience there. The following pictures are from Makro Sathon.

Online Shopping via Makro Click

Moreover, you can have online shopping. Indeed, through Makro Click, you can shop online and receive them at home. Prices are the same both on their website and supermarket, you have to only pay an extra amount for the delivery. The delivery doesn’t cost much, and it depends on your delivery address. Moreover, they offer some privileges to their members when shopping online, so you can save both time and money.

Store Format of Makro in Bangkok

There are four different store formats. For general and home shopping purpose, I recommend you the first format – Makro.

  1. Makro: it’s mainly for small retailers
  2. Makro Food Service: Basically, it’s for HoReCa businesses (HoReCa stands for Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe)
  3. Siam Frozen: It’s a frozen food centre
  4. Siam Food Service: They import and distribute premium food products

As a health and life coach in Bangkok, all eating items can’t be considered healthy in Makro. But if you have a basic understanding of eating well, you can find a wide variety of healthy foods in the supermarket. Therefore, if you were looking for such a place, type Makro in Bangkok on Google and see which one is closer to you. 

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