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What are Strength, Speed, and Power in the context of fitness?

A person while doing bench press to improve his strength
To plan your fitness journey, it's essential to comprehend the differences between strength, speed, and power. Strength focuses on maximum force, speed involves swift movement, and power combines speed and strength for explosiveness. Understanding these elements will help you achieve your fitness goals, whether they are for health or athleticism.

The Power of Muscle Fibres: A Complete Guide for Everyone!

Muscle Fibres

Skeletal muscle fibres can be categorised into two distinct types, each serving a specific purpose in human movement and having unique energy requirements. These types are known as slow-twitch muscle fibres and fast-twitch muscle fibres. The predominance of either muscle…

What is a physical fitness assessment?

Physical Fitness Assessment

A physical fitness assessment is the process of figuring out how physically healthy and fit a person is in terms of his or her overall health or athletic performance. Depending on one’s job and what the results are used for,…

Exercise Parks in Bangkok: 2 Places to Get Fit

Exercise Parks in Bangkok

An outdoor exercise park can be an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their health through exercise. Most of these parks often have a variety of fitness facilities that are designed to help individuals build strength, endurance, and flexibility.…

Fat – its Structures, Types, and Diet

Fats are one of the three major macronutrients. Fats are organic molecules composed of carbon and hydrogen that are linked together in long chains known as hydrocarbons. Different fats are formed based on the arrangement of these hydrocarbon chains and…

Exercise and Blood Pressure

Exercise and blood pressure – In relation to blood pressure, exercise has been shown to offer a number of interconnected advantages, such as maintaining a healthy body weight, lowering the risk of heart disease, and strengthening the cardiovascular system. Drug…

What are the Objectives of a Training Plan?

Understanding the objectives of a training Plan is of paramount importance. Indeed, a person should prepare himself or herself for achieving specific objectives when starting training. Training should be structured and focused. The goal of a training Plan is to…

Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

What is Aerobic Exercise? Exercise stimulates a series of metabolic responses that affect the body’s physiology, anatomy, and biochemistry. The magnitude of those metabolic responses or changes is driven primarily by whether the exercise is aerobic or anaerobic. Aerobic means…