Personal Training Agreement and Policy

To join a personal training coaching programme at Reshad.Fit, operated by Bring You Health Co., Ltd., and become a client, adherence to the following personal training policies and agreements is necessary.

Session purchasing and expiration date

After the free consultation or trial training session, clients may choose to purchase either a 6-session or 12-session package. The 12-session package has no expiration date, whereas the 6-session package expires 25 days after the first session.


Either a client or a coach can terminate the agreement at any time, and any unused balance will be refunded to the customer within seven working days. The 7% VAT will be refunded if it is not submitted to Thai Revenue Department.

Cancellation of a session

In a 12-session package, one session can be cancelled by the client with 30 minutes’ notice and by the coach with 10 minutes’ notice; all other sessions require 24 hours’ notice. For the 6-session package, all cancellations require 24 hours’ notice. If the client fails to cancel a session on time, the session will be considered used. If the coach fails to cancel a session on time, a free session will be offered to the client.

Length of a session

Each coaching session takes at least sixty minutes.


By purchasing a coaching package, a client is making a commitment to their health. A client should follow the programme and instructions of their coach to the best of their ability to maximise their results and avoid any injuries.

Remember, the ultimate results are up to the client. Their coach will show a client how to work their muscles correctly and encourage them to go to their safe limit, but a client is the only one who can make sure they work out consistently, eat properly, get plenty of sleep, and live a healthy lifestyle.