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Personalised Fitness Coaching: In Bangkok & Globally Online

Holistic coaching that goes beyond just exercise!Each coaching programme covers:

Embrace the joy of a fit and strong body through optimal exercise!
Physical Activity
Infuse your life with leisure activities, enhancing your vitality!
Nourish your body with good foods, fostering well-being from within!
Move gracefully, leaving any physical or chronic pain behind!
Live in complete stillness without a shadow of fear or sorrow!

Experts in multiple fitness fields!

To serve clients to the fullest, our coaches are certified experts in multiple fitness fields, including:

Personal TrainingTailored exercise guidance is invaluable in today’s world!

NutritionCoaching you on how to eat well is crucial for your health!

Corrective ExerciseVital for rehabilitating and promoting pain-free movement!

Senior FitnessEssential for those aged 50 and above, enhancing vitality and youthfulness!

Strength and ConditioningCrucial for every gender and age, enhancing physical performance!

Exercise TherapyUtilising exercise for medical condition improvement!

BodybuildingIdeal for building a strong and defined physique!

BoxingEnjoyable and health-boosting for overall fitness and well-being!

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Client Feedback

“Their personalised coaching approach helped me overcome chronic pain and regain mobility. I am grateful for the tailored exercises and nutrition guidance!”
“The easy and on-the-go coaching made it convenient to stay on track with my fitness goals, even with a busy schedule. Feeling healthier and more energised!”
“The focus on good movement techniques has not only improved my fitness but also enhanced my overall posture and flexibility. Highly recommend!”
“The holistic approach to my fitness addressed not just physical fitness but also mental well-being. Feeling stronger and more balanced in body and mind.”
“The emphasis on good nutrition has transformed my eating habits and boosted my energy levels. Seeing amazing results both inside and out!”
“The extensive approach to coaching has helped me achieve my fitness goals faster than I ever thought possible. Feeling confident and empowered!”
“The personalised exercise routines have alleviated my joint pain and improved my mobility. I am thankful for the targeted exercises tailored to my needs!”
“The convenience of online coaching has made it easy to access expert guidance from anywhere. I am seeing positive changes in my health and fitness and a big improvement in my health profile!”
“The focus on reducing pain through corrective exercises has made a significant difference in my daily life and overall functionality. I feel stronger and more resilient when playing with my kids!”
“The supportive coaching environment has motivated me to stay consistent and committed to my fitness journey. I am grateful for the encouragement and guidance I received at!”

Our TeamWith transparent dedication, practical skill, and rational passion, we’re here to support you.

Reshad, arms crossed, wearing a smile


Fitness trainer, Content creator

With a blend of expertise in physical training, nutrition, and movement, he offers personalised coaching programmes in Bangkok. He also creates and shares informative content for everyone’s well-being across different social platforms.


Online fitness trainer

An expert in exercise, exercise therapy, and nutrition, his online coaching caters to individuals of all fitness levels. His dedication to helping clients achieve their fitness aspirations shines through in his personalised approach and commitment to their health and physical well-being.


Graphic designer, Deb designer

She is our young creative design wizard. With an eye for aesthetics and functionality, she showcases our coaching programmes in their best light. She also deals with design graphics and infographics for content and coaching programmes.


Japanese translator, Content creator

As a native Japanese speaker, she contributes to our dedication to reaching and connecting with Japanese-speaking individuals who will benefit from our coaching programmes and content. Her interest in fitness content creation ensures effective communication of our message to them.


SEO, Digital marketers

He is the power of our visibility on online platforms. His strategic and objective prowess ensures that we don’t just reach people who need our help; we connect with them. He navigates the digital landscape and ensures that our coaching programmes stand out for all the right reasons.


Thai legal professional

In our fitness coaching endeavour, based in Bangkok and operating locally and globally, we are supported by a skilled Thai legal assistant. Responsible for navigating the intricacies of local regulations, she ensures our operations remain compliant while offering invaluable legal counsel when necessary.


Thai accountant

In our fitness coaching venture, serving clients both in Bangkok and across the globe, we rely on the expertise of a proficient Thai accountant. Tasked with managing our financial affairs, this professional guarantees adherence to local regulations and delivers insightful financial guidance whenever called upon.